Posted on Feb 23,2021

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betting 365 Group Chen Qinpeng New Year's greetings: "Facing the difficulties, being upright is surprisingly"

At the dawn of the Chinese New year, people are full of hope and go to the new year. Let us recall the New year's message from Mr. Chen Qinpeng, Chairman of betting 365 Group, in 2021, dedicated to you who are reading it.


The law goes back to spring and everything is updated.On behalf of betting 365 Group, I would like to extend my sincere greetings and best wishes to my dear family on the coming New Year's Day in 2021! To care about and support the company's development partners, investors friends to express their heartfelt thanks!

2020 is a year full of challenges and opportunities, the sudden outbreak of new crown pneumonia affected the process of economic globalization, not only to the development of enterprises and individuals have brought unprecedented impact, but also make a hundred years of great changes to accelerate changes, the development of the global economy is full of unknown. Fortunately, challenges and opportunities coexist, the emergence of the epidemic has accelerated the rise of digital technology, but also promoted the digital economy to the track of sustainable development. In hard work and hard work, we have gone through a challenging and extraordinary year.

One heart 2020, can use 12 words to generalize: Qi anti-epidemic, build platform, build team, protect growth.


Fight the epidemic together

In 2020, the fight against the epidemic became a war without smoke, in which no one could stand out. The anti-epidemic process is an unforgettable experience, we are both witnesses and participants.

After the outbreak, an emergency response team and a million special funds were quickly set up to ensure the epidemic prevention needs of employees and their families. In order to respond to the national call, promote remote online office, provide 500 people free online cloud video conference services for the whole country, reduce face-to-face contact, reduce the risk of virus transmission, and help enterprises, institutions and educational institutions throughout the country to safely resume work and study.

At the same time, subsidiaries and branches distributed all over the country started a 7-hour response mechanism to effectively guarantee the supply of epidemic prevention materials to customers, and to help those government organs, medical systems, large enterprises and institutions that have contributed to the prevention and control of the epidemic to solve the urgent needs.

During the epidemic period, epidemic prevention materials became precious materials, and there was a shortage of epidemic prevention materials. We rely on the global supply chain to search for medical epidemic prevention materials, and quickly layout epidemic prevention materials business, to government departments, embassies, medical institutions and other donations of epidemic prevention materials.


Building platform

In 2020, we will continue to work hard to improve the digital platform of enterprises and speed up the construction of industrial Internet. With the multiple drivers of policy, technology and digital consumption, betting 365 Group works with professional digital partners to promote the process of digital construction, build a more complete enterprise service system, and provide complete digital transformation and business practice experience for the whole industrial ecology.

This year, we signed contracts with SAP、AnYong Accounting firm to actively promote the construction of the group's digital operating platform. Our old friends SAP based on artificial intelligence and intelligent automation technology to help betting 365 Group upgrade the integrated enterprise intelligent management platform.

The construction of digital platform can help us to establish a unified core business management platform to meet the requirements of people, money and material intensification and the process control of business refinement, so that we can master the business operation situation more clearly and comprehensively, provide unified, accurate, efficient and transparent decision support, further release the potential of business development, enhance the innovation of management thinking within the enterprise, and precipitate the valuable experience of a digital transformation representative enterprise in practice.


Building teams

In 2020, the capabilities of betting 365 Group’s business teams will continue to improve. We welcome the participation of several senior executives including betting 365 Group Vice President and Private Brand General Manager Chen Xin, Human Resources Vice President Zhao Renzhi, and betting 365 Haoshitong General Manager Wang Huafu. At the same time, we will speed up the promotion of the group welfare products business subsidiaries, MRO business subsidiaries, the team building and talent echelon management.

For employees, we successfully implement the 2020 ESOP, deepen the company's incentive system, fully mobilize the enthusiasm and creativity of employees, attract and retain outstanding management personnel and business backbone, Improve the cohesion of employees and the competitiveness of sustainable development of the company.

In this year, I saw a lot of excellent grass-roots, middle-level workers courageously, in ordinary posts to create extraordinary achievements, but also saw the team sincere cooperation, efficiency and cost reduction measures, driven by the new corporate vision, mission, I saw the resilience of people and the spirit of innovation.


Maintain business growth

This year, concerted efforts continued to maintain high performance growth during the epidemic.On the B2B side, while consolidating the advantages of office materials collection and service, the group has strengthened its efforts in MRO business and enterprise welfare products business, continuously added winning major customer collection projects to win the trust of customers with comprehensive and efficient service quality.

This year, we set up a one-stop MRO material purchasing platform, create a professional and integrated MRO service team, continue to win large customers, expand the new scene of customer service, and meet the one-stop collection demand of customers' MRO materials.

At the same time, relying on the group's digital technology and one-stop enterprise service platform, we welcome the launch of betting 365 enterprise welfare mall, based on a large number of high-quality brands and products, through the welfare products solution, operation, customer service, logistics as an integrated service model, betting 365 enterprise welfare has provided a number of financial, communications, construction, medical and other industry customers with exclusive flexible employee welfare services.

With the arrival of 5 G technology, we should respond positively to the call of the state to "vigorously develop online office ", and speed up the implementation of the development strategy of" cloud + end + industry "with the core technical strength and rich service experience of cloud video.

Together with the Guangdong Provincial Government to speed up the construction of digital Guangdong and help build the Guangdong Provincial Government platform's video collaboration platform "Guangdong TV" to provide online office solutions for government units. Guangdong will cover 21 cities in the province, serving more than 1.5 million government personnel to promote efficient government coordination.

Time law iteration, new element Zhaoqi. 2021 is an important node for our country to achieve the goal of the first hundred years of struggle, and it also coincides with the 30th anniversary of the birth of one heart. Although the impact of COVID-19 has not been completely eliminated, but China has won a beautiful battle in fighting the epidemic and restoring national economic development. At the same time, the epidemic situation catalyzes the vigorous development of digital economy, the rise of new technology, new business form and new platform makes the non-contact economy speed up in an all-round way —— the enterprises speed up the digital transformation, and the trend of supply chain intelligence, automation and ecology appears.

Under this opportunity, we will continue to embrace the technological wave of industrial Internet, digitalization, remote intelligent office ,5 G and so on, continue to open up the blue sea of B2B business, make efforts to build the localization ecology of cloud video, and consolidate the foundation of our own brand business.

Do not forget the original ideals and aspirations, in order to complete the mission. "Customer-centered, market-oriented" will still be the beacon of our development, we not only to maintain the multi-scene business service capabilities, but also with more professional digital capabilities to meet the customized, personalized needs of different customers, to build a shared, open, inclusive digital enterprise service ecology. At the same time, we should strengthen the fine management of enterprises, practice internal work, improve the efficiency of internal management, enhance the efficiency of enterprise management, enhance the ability to resist risks, and maintain the evergreen industry.

Hope, dream of the future.We have gone through a difficult year and will usher in a new year full of infinite possibilities. Be willing to work with every customer, employee and partner —— In the new year, may you have full passion, high morale, perseverance and firm initial heart, in the battlefield of life and work to win applause, harvest happiness.

Finally, I wish you a happy New year 2021, good health and good dreams.

          —— betting 365 Group Chairman Chen Qinpeng

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