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Laver & Wood Butterfly. This bat is made from our specially selected Butterfly willow. This much loved bigger edge profile is ideal for stroke players at the top of the order that need bat speed and balance to craft a long innings and put a high value on their wicket. The bat also has a very powerful hitting zone.

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Imperfections in Willow - JS Wright & sons

Bats from these wider grain clefts will play well eventually but will need knocking in well and more patience from the batsman. In our opinion the strongest bat you can buy which will hit the ball well is one with wider grains and the butterfly marks in, we have never seen a broken bat with butterfly stains.

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We take a look at some butterfly Willow cricket bats. Certainly not the greatest bats to look at, but they play well. Visit our store atVKS31 Bond Street Ea...

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Understanding Imperfections & Grains in English Willow ...

Cricket bats are manufactured in England, Australia, New Zealand, and subcontinents of Asia (India and Pakistan). A cricket bat is manufactured with a wood called willow which belongs to the family Salix. It is also called white willow or cricket bat willow. Willow is grown in the cold and moist regions of Northern Hemisphere.

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Laver & Wood Cricket. March 5, 2014 ·. BUTTERFLY WILLOW - "The timber of the 'salix alba caurulea' is distinguished by a bright orange stain which is known in the trade as 'Butterfly' stain'. When these stains appear on the blades of bats, players often reject such bats as thinking that the stains are faults or knots, whereas they are in fact the hallmark of the finest quality cricket bat willow".

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Within the laws of cricket there is no restriction on the type of wood that should be used. Many timbers have been experimented with, but Salix alba var. Caerulea has been found the most suitable. Salix alba has the common name of White Willow, with the specific var. Caerulea commonly known as Cricket Bat Willow.

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Number of woods are used for the manufacturing of cricket bats but the most preferred wood for the manufacturing of professional cricket bats is English willow. English Willow is the type of wood that is used for the production of professional cricket bats all over the world because it is the only wood that can provide strength and compression needed for the cricket ball.

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Cricket Bat Willow Grading: Willow, Cricvision. Cricket Bat Willow Grading: In the previous post, I wrote about the whole Bat Manufacturing process of the Cricket Bat. This post contains all the information about the Cricket Bat Willow Grading. I am going to explain you, why some bats cost more than others.

Cricket Bat Grading & what makes a good cricket bat

This is because cricket bats are mainly graded on looks. To give you an idea, the world’s leading cricket bat willow merchant, J.S. Wright & Sons, have a guide on their website, and below is an extract: “A Grade 1 is the best looking blade, though it will not necessarily play the best. There may be some red wood evident on the edge of the ...