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These seven basic positions are goalkeeper, left back, center back, right back, left wing, center forward, right wing. When a team is on defense, their field positions are called far right, half right, back center, half right, far right, and forward center.

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Positions in Handball | Table of Contents. Goalkeeper; Fullbacks (Left and Right) Center Backcourt; Wingers (Left and Right) Pivot; Substitutes; Roles of Officials; Help Guides; There can be no more than seven (7) handball positions participating in the game at any one time. There should always be one goalkeeper and six outcourt players.

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Handball Positions are defined by the specific skills of the players, according to their positioning on the court. The roles are: Goalkeeper, Central Backcourt, Side Backcourt, Winger and Pivot.

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Handball player positions and playing area Playing area. A competitive handball match is played on a large rectangular court that is 40 m long by 20 m wide, with a goal in the centre of each end.

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Defender 1 starts on the right. When attacker 2 passes to 1 and receives the ball back het moves with sidesteps to attacker 2. Moves forward and tr... 325 Defence When Attackers Catch The Ball/Shoot/Pass. category: 325-defence-when-attackers-catch-the-ball-shoot-pass. R1 and R2 try to defend their wing players.


Position behind the wingers on the right side of the field; an excellent shooter, this player also defends against an opposing line player or back. goalkeeper Position whose role is to prevent the ball from entering the net; this player is the only one allowed to touch the ball with the feet.

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in this video i will explain handball player positions. this video created for people to get handball player positions information.handball player position, ...

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Playing positions. Handball positions consist of a goalkeeper, two fullbacks, two wingers, a circle runner and a center. Here's the lowdown on these handball playing positions. There are 14 players in each team in handball, with seven on the pitch at any one time.