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How does Handicap Betting work in Basketball?

Example of How does Handicap Betting work in Basketball. In our example, team A is playing against team B with a – 3 handicap for the favorite “A”. In other words, three points are added to the result of team B. The bettor wins this bet if: Team A wins by less than 3 points; Team A wins by exactly 3 points; They lose the match

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Handicap betting basketball example: if the standard line is set at -7.5 but you think the team can win by even more than that, you can choose a bigger line, let’s say -10.5, and get bigger odds on that line, because the chances of winning are smaller.

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Football betting and tennis betting for example seem easier to make money on. To be honest I have read a lot of blogs about basketball betting because I was curious about their opinion. A lot of them are stating that basketball is one of the easiest sports to place bets on.

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Asian handicap. These are fractional values, such as H1 (-11.5), H2 (+12.75). The first example is half Asian handicap, and the second is a quarter handicap. Half handicaps cannot be calculated as a return, and when betting on quarters, a return of half of the bet amount is possible; European handicap.

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Handicap betting. Handicap betting or line betting is available on every NBA match. It basically gives the least favoured team a head start, and the favourite a handicap. For example Seattle might be +9.5 points. So if that team wins then you win but if that team loses by less than 9.5 points, you still win.

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To explain handicap betting in action, let’s take an example of a real-world bet. Let’s say the match is between GS Warriors versus LA Lakers. The handicap bet could be offered as a ‘Handicap- including Overtime’ bet, meaning you are predicting that the Warriors will win by a margin of at least 6 points (-5.5) or that the Lakers will not lose by more than 5 points (+5.5).

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The Handicap basketball betting number often displayed as either – or + a figure, such as -6.5 or +6.5 points is factored into the final results to determine the match’s results for the purpose of the wager. This means that the handicap outcome is at times different from the true result.

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The handicap number (displayed as either + or – a value, such as +7.5 points) is factored into the final score to determine the game’s outcome for the purpose of the bet. This means that the handicap result is sometimes different from the actual result. For example, look at these two handicap bets: Golden State Warriors: (+7.5) 2.050

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