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NHL Betting Odds Explained | How To Read NHL Betting Lines

How To Read NHL Live Betting Odds. Betting live on sports is definitely something that is becoming more and more popular in this day and age. With the increase in technology and the accessibility of online sportsbooks, live betting is available right at your fingertips. As far as the NHL is concerned with live betting, it is available for games.

NHL Hockey Bettting Lines - Understanding NHL Betting Odds

For example, if the NHL betting odds are set for a game and the team has 8/1 odds to win, there is a 11% chance they will win the game. 1/ (8+1) = .11 (11%) Or, if a team has 1/4 odds to win the match, that can be calculated like so - 4/ (4+1) = 0.80 (80%) This team is favored and will very likely win the game.

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They’re the same NHL betting odds used by Proline, Mise-O-Jeu, Sports Action and other provincial sports lotteries. To figure out what decimal betting odds are paying you, multiply them by what you want to bet. That would equal what your bet would pay. If the Blue Jackets are 2.65 on the NHL decimal odds, you would be paid $265($100 x 2.65).

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How Do You Read NHL Betting Lines The favorite is always listed with a minus (-) sign and the underdog is listed with a plus (+) sign. Placing a spread bet is a wager on this point spread.

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How to Read NHL Odds. In order to understand how to make a straight-up bet, you’ll first need to have an essential grasp of how odds are laid out. At your sportsbook of choice, you would see moneyline odds that look something like this: Pittsburgh Penguins -130. Philadelphia Flyers +120.

NHL betting guide: Daily picks, odds, win probabilities and ...

NHL betting guide: Daily picks, odds, win probabilities and advice. Welcome to our daily game probabilities page where you will find the win probability for each of the night’s games, as well as ...

How to Read Lines - Scores & Odds

This is why it’s so important for sports bettors to shop for the best lines across the US sports betting industry. The best way to shop lines is to use our odds comparison tools, which you can find for NFL, NBA, MLB, NCAAB, NCAAF and NHL. In general most bookmakers apply the principle that the difference between betting on the favorite and the underdo is 20 cents. So if the favorite is -115 then the dog is -105. If the favorite is -125, then the dog is +105.

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In a betting line between two teams, the team expected to win, or the favorite, will have minus or negative odds. This means for every dollar wagered, you will earn less than a dollar if your bet wins. The team expected to lose, or underdog, will have positive or plus odds.