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Oak bush-cricket | The Wildlife Trusts

Oak bush-cricket. Scientific name: Meconema thalassinum. The Oak bush-cricket is arboreal and can be found in mature trees in woods, hedges, parks and gardens in summer. Males don't have a 'song' as such, but drum on leaves with their hind legs to attract females.

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Oak Bush-cricket | NatureSpot

Oak Bush-cricket. -. Meconema thalassinum. Species. Additional images. Click here to support NatureSpot by making a donation - small or large - your gift is very much appreciated. Thank you. Description. Length 13-17 mm. Small, pale green with a yellowish stripe along the back.

Bush-cricket identification | Norfolk Bat Survey

Dark bush-cricket – Pholidoptera griseoaptera. Peak frequency about 12 kHz. Isolated calls of 3 syllables (sometimes the first syllable is faint or missing). Link to sample of full spectrum recordings (note will often contain other species, be of poor quality or contain distant calls of the focal species).

Insect Identification

Oak bush cricket, female, also known as a drumming katydid, Meconema thalassinum, subfamily Meconematinae, family Tettigoniidae. □ This insect is called an oak bush cricket in its native Europe, but goes by the common name of drumming katydid in the United States where this one was found.

Oak Bush-cricket & Southern Oak Bush-cricket | Orthoptera ...

Oak Bush-cricket Meconema thalassinum. Female Oak Bush-cricket, Meconema thalassinum (Photo: R I Moyse) Oak Bush-cricket is common and widespread, but difficult to detect and therefore under-recorded. It lives in the canopies of trees, and has no audible song. It is, however, attracted to light and will come into houses.

Oak Bush-Cricket (Meconema thalassinum) - Woodland Trust

The oak bush-cricket is lime green in colour, with large antenna and a yellow-orange stripe along its back. Its wings are medium in length and the females have a long ovipositor (egg-laying tube) while the males have a curved cerci (a pair of antenna-like appendages). Length: 1.5 centimetres.

Southern Oak Bush-cricket | NatureSpot

Description. Adult 14 to 17 mm in length. It is only readily separated from the Oak Bush-cricket as an adult, because the wings remain as tiny flaps. Even at this stage it could be overlooked as a large nymph of our commoner species. Identification difficulty.


Oak Bush-cricket Meconema thalassinum 5b Wings very short, hardly visible. Whole animal pale or yellowish green except for red-orange spot at rear of pronotum where wings start. Males with long, slender, unforked flexible cerci. Head rather rounded, only a small, inconspicuous point between antenna bases,