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Football Balls Database

Football Balls Database. Welcome to the football-balls.com - database of all official football balls in the world. This website contains description of soccer balls in various official football tournaments, such as: FIFA World Cup; FIFA Confederations Cup; FIFA Club World Cup; FIFA Women's World Cup; Summer Olympic Games; UEFA Euro Cup; UEFA Champions League

Football Statistics | Soccer Statistics

Detailed football statistics for the Premier League, Serie A, La Liga, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, and other top leagues in the world.

Soccer Physics: Does the Amount of Air Inside the Ball Affect ...

Create and reproduce the data sheets you will use to record your observations. Gather all your materials. Select a helper (another student or a parent) to assist you in gathering the data. Use the gym floor tape and mark the path along which you will kick the ball. Select three air pressure levels for the ball, designating them as low, medium and high.

Soccer Ball Object Detection Tutorial · MakeML

Drag and drop images into the new project. Create a new "soccer ball" annotation title, and start to label them. By the way, you can import my dataset into your project. Just go to the Dataset Store and select Soccer Ball dataset. So, it looks like we are ready to start training. Training. Now we have 182 annotated images for training.

Trajectory analysis of a soccer ball

various forces on the ball. We assume the soccer ball’s tra-jectory to be close enough to the surface of the Earth so that the gravitational force on the ball, mg, is constant. The mass of the ball is m=0.424 kg. The air exerts a force on the soccer ball. The contribution to the air’s force from buoyancy is small 0.07 N and is ignored.

BigDataBall: Get started with sports data science, no coding ...

Materials for. no-code. sports data science. You spend hours trying to collect and clean up sports data. BigDataBall delivers the most relevant and cost-effective environment for your research. Analyze sports data in an easier and faster way. Explore Datasets. Trusted by 17,000 people doing their own data science!

SoccerNASA 1.4c beta - Interactive Soccer Kick

The default value for a spinning soccer ball is .25. You can change the value of Cl as described below. Besides the side force, there is an aerodyanmic drag generated on the ball which opposes the motion.

Soccer ball global export import trade data, buyers & suppliers

soccer ball: vietnam: belgium: 119: 95066210: soccer ball, m/o local artificial pu leather f/w temp imported butyle bladder inside synthetic lined lamination, detail a/p invoice no. khalid.5083. pakistan: china: 360

Product Data Sheets | F.Ball & Co.

Product Data Sheets. Product Data Sheets for all technical details about F. Ball products can be downloaded here: Firstly, select the appropriate category from the list below and then select the individual product to view or print the data sheet.