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String Performance Database. Show Instructions. Select data to be viewed from table at right. Column one will remain fixed while the others will scroll left and right by (1) clicking the left right blue arrows, (2) clicking the blue boundary on the right and left of the table, (3) scrolling with the mouse, or (4) sideways swiping on mobile divices. Column one will also scroll separately from left to right as window size shrinks.

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One Strings: Carbon NRG 16: 5.1: Poly Star: Strike 16 (1.30) 5.1: RS: RS Lyon 17L (1.20) 5.1: ...

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Compare Strings Tool. Choose the two strings you want to compare. Comparison automatically appears when you change either string. Differences between strings are all shown as the percentage difference of string 2 to string 1. Stiffness: The most important property.

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The interaction between a tennis ball and the strings of a tennis racquet is a relatively complicated process since adjacent strings tend to act independently. All of the strings tend to move in unison in a direction perpendicular to the string plane, but motion in a direction parallel to the string plane can vary from one string to the next.

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String Stiffness (k) Tool. Stiffness (desc.) Stiffness (asc.) Alphabetical Material. Stiffness (k) is how many pounds force are necessary to stretch the string lengthwise by 1 inch during a dynamic impact. Measurements were made with string reference tension of 52 lb with a swing speed for a 120 mph serve. A higher string stiffness means more ...

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CHOOSE BRAND. of your present racquet. Choose Brand Don't know or don't have Adidas Asics Avery Babolat Boris Becker Donnay Dunlop Fischer Gamma Head Kneissl Lacoste Mantis One Strings Pacific PowerAngle Prince Pro Kennex ProKennex Slazenger Solinco Tecnifibre Volkl Wilson Yonex. CHOOSE RACQUET. from list of current and discontinued racquets.

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The difference in strings thus depends on how you look at the data and what your purpose is. As tennis players, we are only interested in the spin that is added after the work of reversing the ball's incoming spin is done, which is by far the biggest part of the work done.

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The analysis is based on an incident ball speed of 25 mph with spin of 3,000 rpm and hit at the top of the bounce, a swing angle of 19 degrees upward from horizontal, and racquet tilt of 10 degrees forward from vertical. The impact point is 21 inches from the butt end and either on-center or 2 inches off-center.